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Samsung Securities

Business Areas

Wealth Management

Offering asset management services optimized to the investment goals of individual and HNW customers as well as institutions and their owners

Wealth Management SNI / WM / Corporate banking branch

  • Customer asset management
  • Global investment strategy
  • Tax/real estate/legal consulting

Wealth Management

A teams of asset management experts offers global investment opportunities.

A preferred service covering from tax to real estate to law to business succession for high-net worth customers.

Total solutions by corporate growth stage for institutional clients.

Market situation, investing strategy
  • Market situation, investing strategy
    • Global financial market analysis and comprehensive investment strategy development
    • Balancing asset allocation strategy-based portfolios to customer propensities
    • Tips on market-leading global companies and rising financial products
  • Tax and accounting
    • Tax reduction planning through customer status analysis
    • business succession, bequeathal/bestowal planning
    • Assessing foreign tax risks and advising on solution
  • Law
    • Advising on corporate banking (IPO, M&A etc.)
    • Seminar support for corporate banking, corporate law and etc.
    • Advising legal on personal assets
  • Real estate
    • Planning optimal leasing and management of real state assets
    • Appraising assets before sale or in-vestment and advising on asset trade
    • Development feasibility analysis for idle assets