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Samsung Securities

Business Areas


Enhancing revenues generating capabilities through Proprietary trading and offering products tailored to outside clients' needs

Prop Trading Generates incomes by investing in promising companies and sectors.
Engages in public markets for stock and bond investment and in private markets for mezzanine and PEF investment, and pursues stable income flow through thorough market analysis and risk management.
Equity Capital Operations
  • Prop Trading
    • Stocks
    • Bonds
    • PEF
    • Alternatives
    • Mezzanine
Structured Product Trading Provides investment products corresponding to the customer needs, including KRW/foreign currency RP offering short-term fixed incomes.
As well as FX to enable customers to invest in overseas stocks and bonds.
Product linkage operation
  • Structured Product Trading
    • KRW RP
    • FC RP
    • Fixed-rate ELB
    • FX Service