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Samsung Securities

Business Areas

Investment Banking

Offering a customized consulting for investing in stocks, bonds, OTC as well as alternative products

Equity Capital Markets Guides non-listed companies through the whole process of listing on stock markets, including KOSDAQ.
Advises listed companies on recapitalization and funding via EB/CB/BW or other stock-linked bond issuance.
Offers services related to selling, buying or swap of share using block sale.
Debt Capital Markets Supports corporations issuing bonds (public/private) or CP.
Advises on optimal timing for and scale of issuance based on comprehensive analysis of market conditions, interest rate forecasts and the financial status of issuers; and Ensures a successful subscription by drawing on the industry’s largest investor pool.
Mergers & Acquisitions Offers a wide variety of solutions to dealing with changes in the business environment.
Advises not only on acquisition, liquidation, merger and partition, but also on hostile takeover defense, governance revision, holding company setup and other management issues.
Investment Finance Extends capital to domestic/overseas companies or private equity funds attempting M&A.
Invests in sound non-listed companies with potential.
Alternative Investment Creates opportunities to invest in real assets with high return potential.
Offers investment opportunities to individual customers and institutional clients by securitizing real estate properties, infra systems, aircraft and other real assets at home and abroad.
Advises on how to finance large-scale real estate development projects and extends funds.

Samsung Securities IB is well respected for its exceptional competence to close landmark
and cross-border deals using creative deal structures

  • 2022

    ‘Best M&A Advisor’ at the 19th Korea IB Awards (Money Today)
    ‘Best Deal Award’ at the 11th Yonhap Infomax Financial Awards

  • 2021

    ‘Best M&A Financing Lead Manager’ at the 18th Korea IB Awards (Money Today)

  • 2020 Selected as ‘Best M&A Advisor’ at the 17th Korea IB Awards (Money Today)
    M&A Financial Advisory at the 9th Yonhap Infomax Financial Awards
  • 2019

    ‘Best M&A Advisor’ at the 17th Korea IB Awards (Money Today)
    ‘Best Award’ in alternative investment category at the Korea Securities Awards (Seoul Economic Daily)

  • 2018

    ‘Best Deal Award’ at the 8th Financial Awards (Yonhap Infomax)

  • 2017 ‘Best M&A Lead Manager’ at the 15th Korea IB Awards(Money Today)
    ‘Best Innovative Equity House’ at the 2017 Korea Capital Markets League Table Awards (thebell)
  • 2016 Best M&A Lead Manager’ at the 14th Korea IB Awards(Money Today)
    ‘Best Deal Award’ at the 6th Financial Awards (Yonhap Infomax)
  • 2015 ‘Best M&A Lead Manager’ at the 13th Korea IB Awards(Money Today)
    ‘M&A Financial Advisory Award’ at the 5th Financial Awards (Yonhap Infomax)
  • 2014 ‘Best M&A Lead Manager’ at the 12th Korea IB Awards(Money Today)
    ‘Best Deal Award’ at the 4th Financial Awards (Yonhap Infomax)
    ‘M&A Financial Advisory Award’ at the 6th IB Awards (Korea Economic Daily)
  • 2013 ‘Best M&A Lead Manager’ at the 11th Korea IB Awards(Money Today)
    ‘Best Deal Award’ at the 3rd Financial Awards (Yonhap Infomax)