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Samsung Securities

Privacy Policy

Samsung Securities Co. Ltd. (the "Company") respects the privacy of your personal information and will treat it confidentially and securely. We are obliged to comply to the Personal Information Protection Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection and other related legislations and regulations. In this policy the Company declares how and to what purpose your personal information is used, and what measures are taken to protect your privacy.

Any personal information provided by you to the Company through this website, the consent form on the collection/utilization/provision of personal (credit) information, wired/wireless calls, e-mails etc. will be used for the purposes stated in this policy statement, including the sales and promotion of products and services either requested or potentially of interest, better understanding our customers' needs, gathering customer feedback, providing employment opportunities, and any purposes required by applicable legislations and regulations. In this aspect, your information provided to the Company will be a valuable asset in improving the Company's products and services.

The Company shall retain personal information until the original objective has been accomplished. The information is then destroyed unless its retention is required to satisfy legal, regulatory, accounting requirements and/or to protect the Company's interests. As a general rule, the retention period shall be the minimum retention period of the relevant jurisdiction.

The table of contents of the Privacy Policy is as follows.

  • 1. Information Collected and Treated

    The Company will collect the minimum level of required personal information as you register for the Company's services.

    Where appropriate and legally permissible, the Company may collect any of the following personal information including, but not limited to, your ID, password, full name, Resident Registration Number, address, contact information, phone number and E-mail address, including "cookies" (see Article 9) when you access or use the services of the Company via this Web Site. However, certain optional information such as occupation, hobbies, interests etc. is not required and therefore will not affect the usage of services.

    1. 1. Required: full name, address, contact information registered as the receiving address for transaction statements/consignment/operation reports (ex. E-mail), nationality (foreigners), account number, passwords, transaction statements, state of assets
    2. 2. Optional: occupation, work place, marital status, business motives, hobbies, yearly income, etc.
    3. 3. Identification: Resident Registration Number, Passport Number (foreigners)

    * You have the right to refuse the collection and usage of your personal information such as the above; however your refusal to provide required information or identification information will lead to certain limitations in accessing the Company's financial services such as the denial to open accounts.

    * The Company cannot deny service to customers who have refused to provide consent on the collection and usage of optional information.

  • 2. Purpose of Treating Personal Information

    To the extent legally permissible, the Company collects and uses personal information for the purpose stated in the preamble. The Company will specifically collect your personal information for the following purposes:

    1. 1.Required, optional and identification information: user registration and ID issuing, personal identification for members-only services, confirmation of contract conclusion such as purchase of entrusted marketable securities, alerts and announcements, communication for handling complaints, provision of investment news, new products or services and events, service-related customer counseling, management and statistical analysis of customer information, auditing, monitoring, provision of verification documents such as transaction statements and balance statements, securement of receiving addresses in case of promotion events
    2. 2.Website usage logs: collection of usage statistics through the measurement of access frequencies, and feedback to service policies (ex. service improvements and expansion)
    3. 3.Other items: promotion of customized services
  • 3. Consent to and Method of Treating Personal Information

    The Company requires your consent before collecting any personal information. The Company therefore provides a device - an 'Agree' button - to acknowledge your consent to the Company's Privacy Policy Statement and other end user agreements. When the 'Agree' button is pressed, the Company will regard your action as to have consented to the Company's Privacy Policy Statement.

    Your personal information will be collected when you open an account at a branch office or at an affiliated bank and when you register as an associate member at the Company's website.

  • 4. Treatment and Retaining Period of Personal Information

    In principle, the Company destroys relevant personal information promptly after the Company achieves the purposes of collecting such information. However, the Company may not destroy such information and may submit such personal information to third parties if the Company determines that such information may be required to comply with applicable laws and regulations such as the Commercial Code, Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act, taxation laws and by order of governmental or supervisory offices.

  • 5. Provision to and Co-ownership of Personal Information with Third Parties

    The Company does not use your personal information other than as set forth in this Privacy Policy Statement or share such information with third parties except with your permission or allowed under applicable laws and regulation or where the sharing of such information is necessary for the provision of certain services or products offered by the Company to you.

    When we do provide and share your personal information, we notify each customer individually, either by e-mail or postal documents, the receiving or shared party, your personal information of matter, what kind of businesses the receiving or shared party is engaged in, what purposes your personal information will be used for, etc.

    The Company provides certain parts of your personal information to recommend investment products, provide affiliated services etc. The following is a list of the affiliated concerns.

    List of Affiliated Concerns

    Samsung Securities Name of Entity, Purpose of Provision, Information Offered
    Name of Entity Purpose of Provision Information Offered
    ASG Korea Smart phone installments, cellphone bills(KT) Full name, cellphone number, CIF
    SK Networks Smart phone installments, cellphone bills(SKT) Full name, cellphone number, CIF
    LCOMS Smart phone installments, cellphone bills(LG U+) Full name, cellphone number, CIF
    Korea Life Insurance Promoting sales of bankassurance products Contractor, full name of insured, full name of beneficiary, Resident Registration Number of beneficiary in case of death of the insured, occupation of the insured, home address of the insured, company address, phone number, cellphone number, e-mail address, etc.
    Dongbu Life Insurance
    Metropolitan Life Insurance
    Samsung Life Insurance
    Shinhan Life Insurance
    Allianz Life Insurance
    Woori Aviva Life Insurance
    Hana HSBC Life Insurance
    Hungkuk Life Insurance
    AIA Life Insurance
    PCA Life Insurance
    UM2M Co. Ltd. Lease and management of e-learning website Full name, Resident Registration Number, phone number, e-mail
    EDaily Real-world Investment Competition Transaction log, account balance
    WOW-TV Full name, Resident Registration Number, phone number, address
    Korea Investment Savings Bank Bridge loans Full name, bank account number, account balance, transaction log, contact info
    Shinan Savings Bank
    BENEST Golf Club Golf club reservation service for VIPs Full name, contact info
    Samsung Card CMA linked credit card/debit card service Full name, Resident Registration Number, address, phone number, e-mail
    KB Kookmin Card Co. Ltd. CMA linked debit card service Full name, Resident Registration Number, address, phone number, e-mail
    Lotte Card Co. Ltd.
    Shinhan Card Co. Ltd.
    Hyundai Card Co. Ltd.
    Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co. Ltd. POPAnyCar Service Resident Registration Number, bank account name
    BEST TAX FIRM Donation tax filing, tax consulting, overseas stock transfer income tax filing Full name, Resident Registration Number,bank account number, contact info,transaction log, etc
    TheOne Tax Firm Donation tax filing, tax consulting Full name, Resident Registration Number, bank account number, contact info, transaction log, etc
    Wonjin Consulting Group
    Joy Tax and Accounting Firm
    Samsung Tax Consulting
    SBS Golf Golf reservation service, golf videos Full name, cellphone number, e-mail, address

    However, the Company needs you to acknowledge that in the following cases the Company may provide your personal information without consent and according to related laws:

    1. 1.Processing information in a format where individuals cannot be identified, for statistical reports, academic research and/or market research according to relevant Statistics Act articles
    2. 2.Fulfill legal obligations in relevant regulations such as the Act on Real Name Financial Transactions and Guarantee of Secrecy, Use and Protection of Credit Information Act, Framework Act on Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Act, Local Tax Act, Consumer Protection Act, Bank of Korea Act, Criminal Procedure Act, etc.
    3. 3.To follow government (including quasi-government authorities) and/or court orders where personal information is summoned
  • 6. Consigning Treatment of Personal Information

    The Company partially consigns your personal information to improve the quality of services and to fulfill the terms of contracts; for these reasons the Company provides training for the consignees to prevent leaks, thefts, losses, forgeries and/or damages of personal information, and performs inspections to ensure your personal information is dealt with caution.

    The list of consignees is as follows.

    List of Consignees

    Samsung Securities Name of Entity, Purpose of Provision, Information Offered
    Name of Entity Purpose of Provision Information Offered
    HO MEE COMMUNICATIONS Promotion event agency service (e.g. global conference guest registration) Current/potential overseas corporate clients,full name, company name, address, phone number, e-mail and domestic full name of IR personnel at domestic office
    DBM Printing & mailing reports to customerswith financial income Full name, Resident Registration Number,address, financial income
    Trans-Cosmos Korea Direct mailing to customers Monthly transaction reports Gift certificates Status reports on retirement pension funds Full name, monthly transaction log, address, bank account number, account balance, CIF, cellphone number, operation status, deposit log
    EDaily Mock investment service operation agency Mock investor ID
    M&Service Co. Ltd. Giveaway (mobile coupons) transmits phone number
    Nara Credit Service Credit check Full name, Resident Registration Number,address, balance of amount receivable,transaction log
    NICE Credit Information Services Co. Ltd. Credit evaluation service Resident Registration Number
    GI'NT Co. Ltd. Supplementary service agency for VIPs Full name, address, phone number
    BILLPOST Mailing operation reports and announcements Reports on touching ELT lower barriers Full name, address, Resident Registration Number, postal code, funds in possession, branch office in charge, lab operation report
    Seoul Marketing Research Co. Ltd. Corporate-wide CSI survey Tag information for CSI analysis dimensions such as random serial IDs, full name, regional division, address, phone number, VIP status, online transaction status, main trading products, customer hotline usage status, whether customer requires special managerial attention
    ChungHo EZ-Cash ATM transactions, confirming transactions, banking services such as transfers(drawings, inquiries) Bank account number, account name
    Nautilus Hyosung ATM transactions, confirming transactions, banking services such as transfers Full name, bank account number
    Family Bank Co. Ltd.
    Lotte PS Net ATM transactions, confirming transactions, banking services such as transfers (deposits, drawings, transfers, inquiries) Bank account number, account name
    A&D Co. Ltd. Credit collection Full name, Resident Registration Number,bank account number, balance of amount receivable
    Samsung SDS Business banking service (automated transfers, receipts and payments) Resident Registration Number, bank account number, account name
    Web Cash Co. Ltd.
    AEGIS Enterprise Co. Ltd.
    KIB net
    LG U+
    SK C&C
    Tami Marketing Supplementary service agency for VIPs Full name, address, phone number
    Solicitor Hyomyeong Kim's Office Legal actions against accounts receivable(seizures, compulsory sale by auction, etc.) Full name, Resident Registration Number,bank account number, balance of amount receivable, transaction log
  • 7. Subject of Rights, Responsibilities and Its Exercise

    You can always review and edit your registered personal information. In case such needs arise, go to the 'Internet Banking'-'Manage Account' to review and edit your personal information. If you are not able to access the Internet or the Company's system is not online, call the Company's Family Center (+82-2-1588-2323 or +82-2-1544-1544) to process your request.

    When collecting personal information from adolescents of under age 14, the Company must acquire consent from his/her legal guardian.In this case the Company may require personal information (ex. full name) of the legal guardian representing the adolescent.

    The legal guardian may refuse to provide personal information of his/her child, and request to view or edit the personal information his/her child has submitted to the Company in that year.

    The Company does not provide or share personal information about the child without the consent of his/her legal guardian. When the legal guardian requests to edit their children's information for errors, the Company prohibits viewing and sharing of such information until the request has been fulfilled.

  • 8. Method and Procedure of the Destruction of Personal Information

    You may withdraw your consent regarding the collecting, use and provision of your personal information anytime. Regular members wishing to unregister must visit the Company's branch office; associate members may unregister online through the Company's website ('Internet Banking' - 'Manage Account'). Upon your withdrawal of consent, the Company shall destroy the requested personal information immediately after the Company achieves the purposes of collecting such information and the use thereof. However, information you provided in order to access the Company's website may be retained for a certain period of time pursuant to internal policy or relevant laws and regulations. The retained personal information is used only for archival purposes, apart from compliance to relevant laws and regulations.

  • 9. Installation, Operation and Denial of Automatic Personal Information Collectors

    The Company deploys 'cookies' which regularly finds and stores your information. A 'cookie' is a small text file which is sent to your browser by the server that operates the Company's website, and is saved in your computer's hard disk which can only be retrieved and viewed by the original server.

    The Company uses cookies to

    1. 1.Analyze per-user access frequency or visiting time and understand the users' preferences and products of interest, thereby quantifying measures to perform targeted marketing and to reform services.
    2. 2.Track information regarding stock trades, financial services and browsed items of interest on the Company's website, thereby allowing the Company to provide personalized services in future transactions.
    3. 3.Collect information on your participation and visitation frequency to the Company's promotion events, thereby providing personalized promotion participation opportunities and differentiated information relating to personal preferences.

    You have the right to disable the use of cookies. You may permit every cookie, confirm cookies each and every time, or refuse any cookies by setting up your Internet browser accordingly.

    If you do not want your personal information gathered via cookies, you may disable cookies by the following means:

    How to setup cookies (IE 7):

    1. 1. Click [Tools], [Internet Options] in the menu bar
    2. 2. Click the [Privacy] Tab
    3. 3. Set up [Privacy Protection Level]

    How to view received cookies (IE 7):

    1. 1. Click [Tools], [Internet Options] in the menu bar
    2. 2. Click [Settings] in the [Browsing History] section of the [General] Tab
    3. 3. Click [View Files]

    However, if you disable cookies from being installed or used, you may not have access to certain services of the Company.

  • 10. Measures to Secure the Safety of Personal Information

    The following summarizes the Company's managerial, technical and physical security measures, such as internal management planning and access log recording, to ensure the safety of your personal information and prevent any leaks, thefts, losses, forgeries and/or damages.

    1. 1. Managerial Measures
      • A. Internal management plans to ensure safe treatment of personal information
      • B. Training plans and programs for employees and consignees handling personal information
      • C. Periodic inspections according to internal management plans
    2. 2. Technical Measures
      • A. Discriminated system access authorities according to job responsibilities
      • B. 24-7 operation of an intrusion detection & interception system to prevent illegal access and intrusions through IT network
      • C. Log management systems and periodic backups of system access records, augmented with document encryption solutions (DRM) to prevent thefts and leaks of personal information documents
      • D. Installation and operation of security programs such as antiviruses to diagnose/treat personal computers for viruses and malwares
    3. 3. Physical Measures
      • The Company operates security systems and equipment at the facilities entrances at all times to prevent unauthorized access.The Company's headquarters, every office and branch operates a 24-hour CCTV system and a security system managed by a private security company; restricted areas are equipped with separate locking systems to permit only authorized personnel.
  • 11. Officer and Department Responsible for the Protection and Management of Personal Information

    The Company has a management officer of personal information to protect your privacy and handle complaints related to such issues. If you have any questions about your personal information, please contact the management officer below. The Company will provide a prompt and sincere response.

    Managing Officer for Personal Information

    1. - Name: HakKi Lee
    2. - Unit/Job Title: Compliance/Senior Vice President
    3. - Telephone: +82-2-2020-7979

    Personal Information Management Department

    1. - Unit: Compliance Team
    2. - Telephone: +82-2-2020-7979

    Website System Management Department

    1. - Unit: Channel Solution Team
    2. - Telephone: +82-2-3278-4312
  • 12. Inquiries and Reports on Infringements of Personal Information

    In case you need to file a report or make an inquiry regarding infringements of personal information, please call KISA(Korea Internet & Security Agency)'s Privacy Infringement Center.

    Privacy Infringement Center

    1. - Telephone: +82- 118 (no extension)
    2. - E-mail : privacy@kisa.or.kr
    3. - URL : http://www.1336.or.kr
  • 13. Notification Liabilities Regarding Changes in the Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy Statement was last updated on the 30th of September, 2011. If the contents of the Privacy Policy Statement is added, deleted or amended due to a change of laws, policy or security technology, a notice of such change(s), modification(s) or amendment(s), and its(their) reasons will be announced by the Company before the amended Privacy Policy Statement takes effect.

    • Version of Privacy Policy: v. 1.1
    • Initial Date of Efficacy: Sept. 30, 2011
    • Final Date of Amendment: Feb. 28, 2012

Policy on Handling Personal Information of People Reporting Irregularities

Samsung Securities Company ("the Company" hereafter) values the privacy of people reporting irregularities ("Reporters" hereafter) and complies with the 'Act of Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization' and the 'Personal Information Protection Act'.

By adopting a 'Personal Information Handling Policy', the Company seeks to inform Reporters of where and how it uses the personal information they provide in the process of reporting irregularities, and of how it protects such information.

Personal Information Handling Policy was adopted on November 27, 2015, effective immediately.

The policy comprises the following contents:

  • 0. General

    ProvisionsThe Company defines personal information as such information of living persons as names and resident registration numbers by which the identity of Reporters can be established, including those that can be used in conjunction with other information to establish the identity of Reporters in case their identities cannot be properly established through use of the information they have provided.

    The Company values the privacy of Reporters and complies with the 'Act of Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization' and the 'Personal Information Protection Act'.

    By adopting a 'Personal Information Handling Policy', the Company seeks to inform Reporters of where and how it uses their personal information collected in the process of reporting irregularities, and of how it protects such information.

    To improve the policy, the Company is in the process of formulating procedures of amending it, and all amended articles will be marked with specific numbers or letters to make them easily identifiable.

  • 1. What and how personal information is collected

    1. What personal information is collected
    This website offers contents that are open to the general public without membership sign-ups. The website collects some personal information only when users report irregularities.

    The following personal information is collected:

    <In case of reporting under real names>

    Samsung Securities Category, Contents
    Category Contents
    Required information Names, contact info, emails

    *In reporting irregularities through the website, users can refuse to provide such personal information as stated above, but by doing so, forfeit the right to be informed of actions taken with respect to their reports.

    <In case of anonymous reporting>
    No personal information is collected in cases of anonymous reporting.
    The Company does not collect any sensitive information about the private lives of Reporters (such as ideology, creed, labor union or political party involvements, political views, health, sexual orientation, etc.)

    2. How personal information of Reporters is collected
    The Company collects through this website and stores personal information willingly provided by people reporting irregularities.

  • 2. Purpose of collecting and using the personal information of Reporters

    The Company collects the personal information as stated above of Reporters only to verify the contents of their reports, to contact Reporters, and to conduct activities related only to the reports of irregularities.

    For no purposes other than those as stated above will the personal information of Reporters be used, and if the information is to be used for any other purpose, the Company shall acquire approval in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act or conduct other legally appropriate actions.

  • 3. How long personal information can be kept and used

    The Company stores and uses the personal information of Reporters until the purposes of collecting such personal information are met, upon which, relevant information will be disposed of without any delay.

  • 4. How collected personal information of Reporters is disposed of

    1. Disposal process
    The Company immediately destroys the personal information of individual Reporters once the purposes of collecting concerned information have been met; the information, however, can be stored for the period specified in relevant laws.

    2. How collected personal information is disposed of
    - Disposal terms
    The Company destroys the personal information of individual Reporters within five business days from the date the legal limit of duration expires; except in cases where the personal information of individual Reporters has met its collection purposes; where a relevant service has been discontinued; or where the information is deemed no longer needed, such information is destroyed within five days from the date the information is acknowledged as unnecessary (personal information stored in electronic file formats is destroyed irretrievably and permanently.)
    - Disposal methods
    Personal information printed on physical papers is destroyed through shredding or by fire. Personal information stored in electronic file formats is destroyed by a technical means that permanently erases any electronic data.

  • 5. Outsourcing the irregularities report service

    The Company handles reports of irregularities by outsourcing its service of receiving reports of irregularities to an outside firm in the following manner:

    To ensure the full protection of the personal information of Reporters, the Company clearly defines such guidelines by which the outside firm must abide in conducting the service as on keeping all personal information in confidence, prohibiting exposure of any part of personal information to unauthorized third parties, storing and destroying personal information, as well as terms on penalties in the event of an accident or a failure to carry out any of the stated guidelines.

    If and when any change is made in the contents of the consignment contract or the selection of the consignee, the Company will announce the changes in detail through its website under the heading,'Personal Information Handling Policy'.

    Samsung Securities Consignee, Contents of consignment, Duration of usage
    Consignee Contents of consignment Duration of usage
    Consignee Samsung SDS Operation of the Company's computer system Immediate disposal after collection purposes are met
  • 6. On supplying collected personal information to third parties

    The Company does not supply any part of the personal information of Reporters to a third party under any circumstance.

  • 7. On rights of Reporters and their legal representatives and how to exercise the rights

    Reporters or their legal representatives can request anytime to review or to have deleted the personal information of theirs or their children below 14 or those whom their legal representatives represent.

    Such requests can be made through written letters, electronic mails, FAX, or other modes in accordance with the format described in Addendum 8 of the Personal Information Protection Act; and upon the receipt of such requests, the Company shall immediately investigate the nature of irregularities reported.

    In cases where such requests are made by court-appointed representatives or those acting on behalf of Reporters, a letter of power of attorney must be first submitted in accordance with the format described in Addendum 11 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

    However, the Company can refuse requests for perusal, revision or deletion of some or all of the collected personal information of Reporters when:
    - Perusal of personal information is prohibited or limited by law;
    - Perusal, revision or deletion of personal information is deemed harmful to other people or detrimental to the property or other interests of other people.

    In cases where Reporters request to have errors corrected in the personal information they have provided, the Company will not use or allow the outside firm to keep the personal information in question. If erroneous personal information is in the possession of the outside firm, the firm will be promptly notified of the nature of the mistake.

  • 8. On automatic personal information collection and opting out

    The Company does not use the so-called 'cookies' and other similar electronic programs or devises commonly used in identifying users and saving site login information.

  • 9. Others methods regarding the handling of collected personal information
    1. 1. Technical and administrative measures for protecting collected personal information In handling the collected personal information of Reporters, the Company is considering such technical and administrative measures as of preventing the loss, theft, leak, alteration, or impairment of personal information and thus secures the privacy of Reporters as follows:
      • (1)Keeping to a minimum and educating employees handling the collected personal information of Reporters Measures have been implemented to keep to a minimum the number of employees handling the collected personal information of Reporters.
      • (2)Devising and executing an internal management plan To handle Reporters' personal information in a secured manner, an internal management plan has been drawn up and implemented in accordance with the internal management guidelines of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.
      • (3)Encrypting personal information All collected personal information of Reporters is stored encrypted and available unscripted only when verified Reporters request to review, and in cases where it is necessary, the information is transferred in encrypted files or stored in files securely locked using the latest in file protection technology.
      • (4)Implementing and operating anti-hacking programs To protect the personal information of Reporters from hackers or computer viruses, the Company installs and regularly updates and checks security programs; operates its database system in a physical location impossible for unauthorized parties to access; and employs technical and physical means of monitoring digital traffic flows and preemptively shutting down the system. The security program installed can also identify any attempt to alter the personal information stored in the Company's database system.
      • (5)Controlling access to collected personal information The Company controls access to the personal information of Reporters by issuing, modifying and revoking its employees' access to its database system, and through use of advanced security programs, protects the database system from unauthorized access attempts.
      • (6)Keeping and preventing the alteration of access records All records (web log-ins, summaries of actions taken, etc) of accessing the database system are kept for a minimum of six months and prevented by the installed security programs from being altered, stolen or destroyed.
      • (7)Using safety measures to protect physical documents The Company keeps personal information-containing paper documents and supplementary data storage devises in a securely locked place.
      • (8)Controlling unauthorized personnel's access to physical documents The Company has set up and operates an advanced system of controlling unauthorized personnel's access to the place storing papers containing collected personal information of Reporters.
    2. 2. Policy on linking sites The Company reserves the right to offer users of the website links to the websites of other companies. In case any user chooses to switch to another site by clicking one of the links in the Company website, please be aware that the Company will be no longer responsible for protecting the personal information the user leaves behind.
    3. 3. Stance on unconsented collection of email information The Company does not condone the practice of using the email address listed below in any shape or form to collect information on users of the email address. Unconsented collection of email addresses through use of email address collecting programs or other similar techniques is subject to penalty in accordance with the Act of Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization' and the Personal Information Protection Act.
  • 10. Information on the unit and officer in charge of personal information protection

    To protect the personal information of Reporters and to process complaints related to the use of personal information, the Company has designated a unit and an officer in charge as follows:

    Officer in charge of personal information protection

    • - Officer in charge of personal information protection: Executive Manager Lee Hak-gee Unit which the officer heads: Customer Protection Center

    Unit in charge of systems related to personal information

    • - Unit: Compliance Team
    • - Email: sunmi1731.lee@samsung.com

    Users of the website can report to the Officer of Personal Information Protection or his unit all personal information protection-related issues they face while using the irregularities report service. With regard to such complaints received, the Company will promptly respond with detailed messages.
    To report a violation of the personal information protection law or to receive consultation on related matters, please contact the Personal Privacy Violation Report Center in the Korea Internet And Security Agency.

    • - Tel: 118 (no area code)
    • - email: privacy@kisa.co.kr
    • - URL : http://www.1336.or.kr

    The Company's personal information handling policy is effective from the date of its adoption. In cases where contents need to be added, deleted or modified following any change made in the policy or laws, the Company will announce the purpose and contents of such a change prior to implementing it.

    Personal Information Handling Policy Version No.: V 1.0
    Date of the Personal Information Handling Policy adopted: November 27, 2015