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Samsung Securities

Business Areas


Samsung Securities helps customers better manage their assets by offering diverse products, customer-specific information and one-stop consulting via easy-to-use digital channels.

Safe and easy-to-use systems Mobile app(mPOP) and 24/7 computer trading programs (POP HTS/DTS) are available. Innovative customer opinions are always sought to create a more convenient investment environment.
Diverse investment products Not only domestic and overseas stocks, but also fund, ELS, fixed-income, Wrap and other financial products are available, all developed to customers’ investment preferences and goals. The product lineup is constantly revamped to market changes and developments.
Customized investment information Successful investment by customers is facilitated by in-depth research, advanced investment strategy formulation, and thorough analysis of rising categories and products and other data. In particular, customers are instantly informed of investment portfolio-related information via digital channels.
S.Lounge Digital PB consulting Highly-trained digital channel-specialized asset management specialists offer onestop asset management services, from investment consulting to detail processes.